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    So long, and thanks for all the fish!

    I haven't been here in ages. For some reason, I logged in today and see they are shutting the forums down. This place used to be amazing. Everything I know, everything I've ever learned or performed, and everyone I've met in the magic community can be traced right back here. This is where it all started for me.

    I remember the day I got the email that I was chosen to be an Elite Member. It was such an awesome feeling, like I was a member of Illuminati lol. Then to be named a moderator after that was another honor. Sadly, I had to step away from both as I became a dad and my family needed more of my time.

    There are so many guys on here I looked up to and respected (and still do!) I've had the privilege of meeting some of the in person. Just so it's forever entombed in the ellusionist vaults, I want to give one more shout out to the guys that made this place amazing. I'll include them below. Hope I don't forget anyone.

    Thanks ellusionist! Thanks Brad for your vision. This place truly was awesome. So long.

    David Mitchell for keeping the forums running
    Roy Ornelas
    Chris Schuh
    Brendon Selley (ptenbob)
    Richard (Fleetwood)
    Arvind (AJ)
    Jonathan Bagwell
    Mike Delbert
    Dave Smith
    Nate Domingue
    Robert Johnson
    Tempest (Sean Beard)
    Ed Colussi (SonicStabber)
    Edd Withers
    Ty Lee
    Peter Harrison
    Bethea Baker
    Michael Sheridan
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    So many names from the past there, wish we could turn back the clock and hang out online again.

    I might even look into getting the band back together for one last show... :)

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    Back at ya Eric.............. If I remember right, yer on my FB, right? Message me. And if yer Still in MI, come on out to my shows in Lansing on Oct. 22nd and 29th at Potter Park Zoo. would love to hang out.
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    Glad to still be in touch with a lot of you off the forums and even in real life. For me as well, this is where everything started. I've made some unbelievable connections and I would not be where I am in magic or life without these forums and the people. Always grateful and thanks to everyone for everything and keeping this place amazing over the years.

    Best wishes to all!
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