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    Live performances.

    Hello! Are there any videos of live performances by members. Cant find any on this forum.

    What is your set of tricks for performance in front of 50-100 people?

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    Member videos are posted in their own forums:

    My show is designed for up to around 100 people. I could write out one of my set lists, but it wouldn't do you much good as everything I do is my own creation, and therefore the names won't mean much to you.

    I find, though, that when people ask for a set list, what they are really looking for is ideas on how other people structure a show. Is that the case here?

    That being said, I do happen to have an old set list right here.

    Voodoo Doll
    Energy Vampire
    Akashic Lock
    Voodoo Business
    Energy Transfer
    ~~~~~~~~~~ (Intermission)
    Animal Trap
    Group Dupe
    Sin Eater

    I generally structure a show to have an introduction to me: Something that sets the mood, lets the audience know exactly what kind of show they are in for (If the marketing didn't handle that for me), and also uses no volunteers on stage. This show used a voodoo doll and the energy projecting from the audience.

    I then build on that theme and introduce a more silly side of myself with the Energy Vampire routine, where I talk about my love of trivia. Specifically that relating to myths, monsters, and legends. I talk a little bit about dragons, werewolves, and vampires and how different cultures represent them.

    The Akashic Lock is a thought projection routine, where they sort of read my mind to open a lock.

    LD is a living/dead test using photographs I've gotten from friends, family, and internet submissions.

    Voodoo Business is a routine where I create a voodoo doll with my business card and the person actively feels what the 'doll' feels - this one is getting revamped currently.

    Energy Transfer is a showpiece of mine where two people feel sensations from one and other, and thoughts get transferred back and forth.

    Intermission - I do a 10 minute intermission for this show if it's a party or at a bar or other event/location where people are going to want to refill drinks or use the restroom. They also often want to talk about the first part of the show. This isn't halfway it's more like 3/4ths through.

    The animal trap is a display of mind over matter, with a good bit of humor thrown in to get the energy back up. Lately I've been replacing this with human pincushion.

    Group Dupe is not actually a duplication but an audience-thought-projection routine where the audience projects a thought of shape to the volunteer on stage who announces what they receive.

    Sin Eater is a personal favorite of mine and I will not go into much detail about it here as I do not want anyone else performing it as I do. In short it is a modern interpretation of the old ritual of Sin Eating, done with a volunteer from the audience.

    This show is about 75 to 90 minutes long, depending on a few factors. This is the kind of show I would do if I booked a venue and sold tickets to the show, or if someone hired me to do a party.

    For a busking show it would be much shorter. 3-5 routines, 25 minutes max. Usually the Energy Vampire as a opener, maybe followed by another display of energy manipulation, followed by my Energy Transfer routine, ending with a side show display (Animal trap or human pincushion). Every now and then I am able to throw in my Acid Test before the Energy Transfers, but that's usually only if I start a tad bit early and talk a bit fast for the first routine.

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