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    Best way to double lift?

    Hey guys I'm new to magic and with that being said I've seen numerous ways to get a double lift. I'm curious though what is the best way magicians have seen to do a double lift. I'm guessing there are even times where you may use different lifts depending on the effect you are trying to achieve. Thanks for any help and tips!

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    Take a deck, turn a card over. Now find a double turnover that looks like your single turnover.

    The double lift used really depends on the effect. Some effects have a built in mechanism to get a break. Some double lifts would seem odd in some effects. For other effects, it really doesn't matter.

    I have a double lift where I do a strike double from the front edge of the deck and do the turnover by rotating my wrist. I also like the traditional strke double (from the right edge of the deck - check out Greg Wilson's Double Take) and the push off double lift (I learned from Wayne Houchin on Art of Magic). If I can, I use a push off to get a break ahead of time and then do the lift (I think that was from Justin Miller on Army of 52).

    ~ David
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    What he said.

    Make your doubles look like singles and your singles look like doubles.

    The HP Lovecraft of Bizarre Magic

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    Bgonyea - I think I know how you feel.
    I think it's pretty much whatever double lift works best for you.
    I've been back into magic for a few months now. I had not been able to do a decent double lift when I had played with magic a few years ago - might have been one of the reasons I gave it up.
    Finally, I am starting to see some real improvement with it.
    For me, I think the real problem was getting the break (with the standard double lift). I still seem to get either 1 card or 3 cards in the break and not 2 when I try a standard double lift unless I make a very obvious check as I do it.
    Right now, I start with a push off (for me, it looks natural and I can visually check to see I've got two cards) to get the break but I've modified what Brad teaches to match closer to how I would naturally flip the card. It seems to work pretty well even when I'm being watched closely.
    So - I'd suggest trying several and focus on the one that works best for you till you are confident. Then add others as a backup.

    Just my $.015 worth,


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    For myself I've found the pinky count to be quick, efficient, and invisible as far as getting the break. It can be frustrating when first practicing, but extremely useful once you get the knack. For the turnover, I push off the double (which is easy to do with a break) then clip it between my index and middle fingers then use my thumb to swing it face up. It's tricky at first to get the cards to stay together but once you have it down it's virtually undetectable.

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    I personally prefer imitating David Blaine's double lift. It's pretty effective.

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    Pick up a copy of Card College Volume 1 for help on the double lift. There's some good advice in there including how to properly hold the deck which can make a world of difference when you are trying to learn new moves.

    A good double lift will last you a lifetime. Remember that it's probably one of the most used moves so make sure you give it the attention it deserves.
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