So, I'm doing an one-hour show at a local con next month - two smaller effects for the first half, then a Q&A for the second half, ending with a prediction of things that were revealed or said during the show. And after doing some last minute tinkering, I realized that I have a completely fair, one-hundred percent open prediction that I don't have to be near when the spectator opens and reads... because most of the information is now forced.

The first two things force information in sneaky ways, and the final bit is all forced except for some of the readings. So I can now reveal that I've predicted about 75% of the show in the cleanest way possible. Prior to that, there was a complex two-stage prediction using a nest of envelopes and an Unbelievalope. Now - one envelope, one prediction, I stay far away. Now to find something or the Unbelievalope to do!

Just a cool thing I've discovered in rehearsals tonight that I wanted to share! <3