Hi All!

I have been stuck at home the last two days with my thirteen month old daughter whilst she recovers from a nasty virus. During one of her extended naps, I thought I might do something constructive and film a couple of routines. Of course, this means the dishes are now not done, so the wife is unlikely to be happy when she gets home, but hey ho, swings and roundabouts!

Anywhere, here are three ideas I've been playing around with for a little while. A bit of web research hasn't turned up anything too similar, so as far as I know they are original handlings, though I am more than prepared to be told otherwise.

Cheap Suit


This is basically a streamlined handling of Max Maven's 'Three-Piece Suit' from Harry Lorayne's Best of Friends Vol III. I managed to eliminate the control, the palm and the drop off on the deck, resulting in quite a clean handling. It's not an earth shattering miracle by any means, but is my go to 'quicky' at the moment and my spectators seem to like it.

Dr Daley's Discarded Sandwich


This was inspired by a David Forrest routine called 'Discarded' from his Deception DVD, itself a variation of The Chicago Session's 'Among The Discards'. The effect here is not quite the same, but you do get a transposition and a sandwich trick in one go, which is quite nice.



This is a really new routine, and as a result the handling is a little rough, but i thought it worth sharing anyway as i think the basic effect is still there. This was inspired by a trick Mark Leveridge featured on his recent Penguin Live lecture. I liked the basic premise, but felt it needed an ending. The effect is essentially a combination of 'The Ambitious Classic' and an Ace Assembly (hence the ridiculous title). Like I said, I don't think it's quite 'done' yet, so any suggestions are welcome!

There we go! Hope you enjoy!

Better get on to those dishes I suppose....