Hi All

After spending a good fews year in magic (coming up on 20 years), I have spent the last few years tinkering with a few ideas of my own. Today, I finally forced myself to drag out the video camera and film couple of them with a view posting them here for some (hopefully helpful) critique.

Now, whilst I am very comfortable performing for people, performing for a camera without any form of interaction was rather awkward for me, so forgive the slightly lacklustre presentations. Next time I'll have to try and persuade the wife to sit in as a spectator.

I make no claim that any of these tricks are original, but all I can say is that I have developed the tricks you see below over countless hours of tinkering with various ideas. For completeness I have listed my main inspirations below. If anyone knows of any other credits I should check out, please let me know.

A Wild Stab In The Deck

This started out as an exploration of the mystery card plot but ended up turning into something else. Forgive the slightly clumsy half pass, was quite hard to pull off without the benefit of misdirection.

3 Second Aces

This is a four of a kind production I came up with a few years ago whilst playing with the Hofzinser Toss. The presentation was inspired by Michael Ammar's presentation of Derek Dingle's 'Rollover Aces' whilst the rapid fire nature of the location was inspired by Harry Lorayne's 'Halo Aces.'

Pass The Mustard

Inspired by Paul Gordon's 'Hellmans Aces' (itself a variation of Bill Goodwin's 'Hold the Mayo'), this is final solution to a sandwich trick I have been trying to crack for about 4 years (i know, right. Seems obvious now).

So there we go. Hope you enjoy my ideas.

I look forward to everyones thoughts.