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    Submit a Trick - Join Our Team!

    Check out our official Submit a Trick page for more info and to submit your trick. One of the best perks about working with us is that we hook you up. Just check out these incentives!

    The Deal

    This is where we talk shop. Whenever we look at partnering with an artist - be they creating their first effect or an established artist, we ensure that the deal table is always balanced. The more your effect brings to the table, the more we put back into the deal. While we can’t layout a flat figure or royalty without seeing your effect, anything that we agree to produce always comes with what could be called a ‘signing bonus’. As a minimum, we offer;
    • Our Artist Swag Kit - As an Ellusionist artist, we want you to look the part. We’ll put together a bag’o’swag for you - it could contain shirts, hoodies, caps, jewellery, luggage, accessories, exclusive playing cards - almost anything. Whatever we’ve produced in our artist exclusive line at the time, we’ll box it up and ship it to you, on the house. Welcome to E.
    • The Spree - A $250 gift card to spend on any and all products in the Ellusionist catalog. If you can add it to your cart on the website - the gift card will make it yours. You can stock up on decks, coins, DVDs, gimmicks - whatever you want. Spend it however you want - it’s yours.
    • Black Club Membership - Our Black Club members can attest to just how good this membership really is - and we don’t want any of our artists to miss out on it. So, as an Ellusionist produced artist - you’re membership is granted, free.
    • Family and Friends Bonus - We know that one of the simplest joys you can have in creating an effect is being able to gift your creation to your family and friends - or just filling your bookshelf with a bunch of DVDs with your name on it (Brad’s got a whole walk-in closet made just for this purpose). Although this is an option that changes from contract to contract depending on what the artist wants, we’ll usually give you 50 DVDs/Downloads/Packages of your creation to horde, sell or give away - after all, it’s yours.
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    This probably isn't the place to post this, feel free to delete it if that's the case. But I am going to be publishing a small book of card/magic related poetry soon. I've been waiting for a few things to fall into place before publishing. I'd also like to add in a few moves that I believe to be original that I've been putting together the past year or two now. Is that something that you guys may be interested in? Just shoot me a email at or shoot me a PM or something.


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