Hello! My Name is Winson and I am releasing my move APOLLO!
The tutorial is now up on YouTube!


APOLLO is an utility move I created a while back and it consist of a colour change, a control and a switch!
Initially when I created this move, it started off as an idea of a colour change but I have later developed a few applications for it. And this was inspired by the Jones Change by Dan and Dave. But just to be clear, even thought it does look kind of similar but the method is completely different.

I have tried my best to explain the move (with my poor english), but I know this is not the best tutorial out there , I don't have the best shooting equipment. All I have is my iphone 5s and a phone stand! And that is why the audio is a bit weird. But with that said, I still hope you have fun learning this move!

What you will be learning:
1. The colour change is done one-handed while spinning the card back and forth and the best part is that the card never completely leave your sight. It gives that extra retention!
2. The control happens while you seemingly put the selected card in the middle of the deck and while squaring up the selected card, the card has been controlled to the top.
3. The switch is pretty similar to the control, the card is placed in the middle out-jogged but the fact is that it has been switched long before that.