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    MENTALISM & Where to Start

    A few years ago I penned a series of free pdfs simply because I got tired of answering this classic question, "Where Does One Learn About Mentalism?"

    Introduction to Mentalism is a resource book with an overview that can be found here -- (47 pages)

    Learning to Cold Read is a similar resource and can be found here --
    (24 pages)

    I would point everyone to these two sources first in that they offer a list of the books and some videos you should avail yourself to along with a myriad of resources.
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    Having read this (and his other offerings along these lines) I can highly recommend anyone interested in Mentalism follow those links.

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    In numerology how does it work? Like how will there birth date tell you about them? I am a little confused.
    Jonah Egold

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonah Egold View Post
    In numerology how does it work? Like how will there birth date tell you about them? I am a little confused.
    The supposed relationship between numbers and personal attributes can be researched online. Some of the beliefs and significance is actually pretty fascinating. I believe the origins of numerology can be traced back to ancient China with the advent of mathematics. Today, the significance of numerology is similar to that of horoscopes; people find meaning in symbols. Numbers, just like formations of stars in astrology or the pictures found in a deck of Tarot Cards, are symbols that a reader can decipher for the participant.


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