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    How many of you actually use Hindu Shuffle?

    I do use Hindu Shuffle occasionally. I found this new book called : Secret of the Hindu Shuffle by Lance Caffrey. With so many recommendation from the sleight of hand expert such as Arnorld McDonald, Jason England and etc.. i do agree with Arnorld about the scarcity of the material regarding Hindu Shuffle.

    Here is the extract :
    Westerners often forget that people on the other half of the planet use card methods very different from theirs. Up to now, serious information about Eastern techniques in English language has been scarce, and sometimes inaccurate or unreliable. Lance’s work fills in one part of the gap as, from now on, magicians and gambling aficionados can benefit from the first complete treatise about the Asian shuffle.
    - Arnold McDonald

    what do you guys think?

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    I use it all the time, the hindu shuffle control in Royal Road is very deceptive and I use it during the Chicago Opener like many card guys. It is a nice, fancy in the hands shuffle that is super easy to do. Most the time if I pass the cards out to be shuffled if they are shuffled by a non English speaker, they resort to some version of the hindu shuffle.
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    It's great for a force while hiding the back of a card for myself. The work Lance does is MUCH more in depth and geared towards gambling work. Bill Malone has talked highly about this book as well as Steve Forte.

    If you like it and want to learn more the hindu shuffle and about gambling, sure it's worth a look. Always think about things before you buy them for yourself, not just others recommendations.

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    I use it 90% of the time when able. Its a great way to give the deck a shuffle in a semi haphazardly way as to not give any flashiness to it. Its more appealing to me as it doesn't look like you are very skilled shuffling cards. At least in my opinion. Compared to that of Farrow shuffling and the sorts. Except instead of length wise I do it width wise. It looks less awkward and more natural.
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    I used it more when I had a number of Indian coworkers who shuffled this way; but as a westerner, when performing to primarily or exclusively western audiences, I worry that it looks too suspicious. (Which might be the same argument people who refuse to use anything but rider back bikes use, I know...)

    I found a satisfactory solution to this in "introducing" the Hindu shuffle as part of a series of shuffles, talking about how different people shuffle cards. For context, I often open with The Bannon Triumph ("Play It Straight Triumph"); having learned to start the effect with a series of false shuffles, some of them with the cards intentionally held upside down, as a convincer that the deck was fairly mixed.

    Nonetheless, there isn't a lot that I've learned to do with it that I don't have some preferred method of accomplishing. This could speak to my own lack of knowledge more than the weakness of the shuffle. I hope it goes without saying, I'm always willing to learn more...
    Brian P.
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