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Thread: track an order?

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    track an order?

    hello, I am wondering how to track an order through usps, thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by spartucus49 View Post
    hello, I am wondering how to track an order through usps, thanks
    If you used a shipping method that includes tracking, you would have been supplied with a tracking number. It's usually quite long. The e-mail you get from E will have it next to each item you ordered. You can either go to USPS's website and input it, or simply do a Google search on the number and you will be provided a link to the tracking page.

    If you did not use a shipping method that includes tracking, there's really nothing that can be done to my knowledge.

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    You can also go into your account page (on E's actual site, not the forums) and your orders should show right there. Click view order and then it will show your address and info. It will also show whether the package has shipped, at the top will be an option to view order info, invoice, and shipments. Click shipments and you should see "track this order" below, and what is in the order below that.

    If the package has not yet shipped this will not appear at all. This way you don't have to bother with the tracking number at all.

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