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    Overwhelmed with all the new effects I'm seeing! Which and how many should I learn?

    Hey guys,

    I've watched Crash Course 1 & 2 and at the start, I practised the moves a lot and I can do a pretty good ambitious card routine from the CC2 moves. I've also got Ninja 1 & 2, and I'm currently practising the pass and I can perform a few of the other moves in N1 & 2.

    I'm about to get the UltraGaff deck too (and the DVDs).

    But...I recently saw some other magic sites (like theory11) and oh my god, I saw so many new sleights and effects there that I'm now overwhelmed at what I should learn and what I shouldn't. All the effects seem so good!

    My question is: How many effects should I learn and practise at the moment? Is it better to practise just a few than practise about 10-15 at a time? And which moves should I practise?

    My question might be a bit vague, but that's the best I could make it, so thanks!
    - Tanay

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    Quote Originally Posted by tan567 View Post
    My question is: How many effects should I learn and practise at the moment? Is it better to practise just a few than practise about 10-15 at a time? And which moves should I practise?

    My question might be a bit vague, but that's the best I could make it, so thanks!
    I usually have three or four things that I'm working on at once, but it usually takes a long time for me to buy new stuff, as I want to really get the material I'm working at perfected first.

    It's really good to find an area that you like, and focus specifically on it. Do you want to learn card magic? Then pick a product, be it a DVD or download or whatever, and really study it. Practice a lot, and when you have it performable, then you can look at the next thing that catches your eye.

    But, as you have the Ultragaff and DVDs coming to you soon- I wouldn't worry about buying anything for a while. The sheer wealth of material that source will give you is enough to last a long, long time.

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    When I first started (about 7 years ago) I only had a couple of books but then I found Ellusionist, I then embarked on a bit of a spending spree and must have about 1200 of books dvds and gimmicks. The problem with having so much stuff is that you end up kinda half learning things and not really getting anywhere. I've not really bought anything for about 3 years now and my learning has progressed rapidly as i'm not jumping from the next new thing to the next. Anyone with experience will tell you to learn what you have, find your own style then you have a more informed of idea of whats going to suit you out of all the stuff out there. I still see new things out there and the temptation is still there, (Crush looks pretty cool) I tell myself I can get it once i've done 10 performances for other people so that way i'm getting performing experience too. Normally by the time i've got round to the ten performances the temptation has gone.
    On the flip side, i'm glad i've got all the stuff i've bought because i'm never short of new material.

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    I think you know the answer you are going to get. Go slow. Master what you have before moving on. With CC1 & 2 and Ninja 1 & 2 you have a lot of material. Work through them one effect at a time. After you have it down, move on to learning the next effect but keep practicing what you have learned.

    Quote Originally Posted by tan567 View Post
    oh my god, I saw so many new sleights and effects there that I'm now overwhelmed at what I should learn and what I shouldn't. All the effects seem so good!
    There aren't a lot of new slights out. A lot of the stuff you see comes from books by Hugard, Braue, Erdnase, Buckley and if they didn't invent it Dai Vernon did. Those downloads are marketed to make you believe that YOU MUST HAVE THIS to succeed as a magician. You don't.

    You have a choice to make. Do you want to be a magician or do you want to be someone who knows how to perform a dozen tricks?

    If you want to be the person that knows how to perform a dozen tricks, just pick what looks closest to your style.

    If you want to be a magician, you next purchase should be some books. Book will teach you the basics as well as the really advanced stuff.
    ~ David
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    Right now, you're just getting started, so get your basics down. Magic isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Don't grab too many effects at once. Get one or two great effects. And master them to where they look like miracles. I would recommend some Wayne Houchin because he teaches so much more than the effect on the dvd. So he's great for beginners. Give's you a lot to think about. But as far as the majority of your buying goes, get the basics, grab some books, focus on your crash courses. The majority of what David Blaine does is on there, but he is so well versed in his fundamentals and has those routines down soo well, they look like miracles. Take my word for it, you'll regret overloading on 1 dvd effects so early, I know I did. Because without the basic knowledge of sleights and theory, you won't be able to do them justice, I know I didn't.

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    At this early stage, I'd recommend you pick up something like Mark Wilson's Compete Course in Magic so that you can get more fundamental grounding. It's easy to go on a big buying spree or get lost in the sea of options. Better to find out first what the foundations of the art are, learn those first, and then experiment gradually as you perform more often.
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    I totally know how you feel, but I can say from experience it's best to stick with what your learning, and work on that and only that. Once you get it down pat, THEN you can move on. If you keep moving from one thing to the other, you'll be able to do 20 effects, and none of them well. Just stick with what you have. It should last a long while. At the moment, I'm working on six things. That may seem like a lot, but most of the things I'm working on are minor.

    I would also recommend to get Card College One. It's a great source for beginning card magic, and has everything you need to know to be on your way. If you learn everything in just the first book alone, you'll be able to do a LOT. Recommended.

    Good luck!

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    A lot of good, valid advice already here that I'm not going to repeat, except for one idea, and only for emphasis.

    If you have to spend money on magic right now, go buy books. Buy the ones already mentioned here. Mark Wilson's is awesome. Buy the Tarbell books one at a time as you afford them. Buy the paperbacks by Hugard, Braue, and Fulves. All of these books are going to teach you more magic theory than a dozen DVDs. If you read them cover to cover, you're going to see how most of the 'latest effects' are done and where to find their 'inspiration' in your library. You're going to be exposing yourself to a lot of great information, effects, and inspiration to your magical creativity.

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    As others have already said, stick to one effect and practice it to perfection. Until you can fool yourself. Make it a goal of yours to do it better than (If applicable) the creator. Like Dai Vernon said, "Do one thing and do it better than anyone else." It's much better to have 5 quality effects, than knowing 100 different tricks. I also think in any branch of magic, its very important to have a good foundation. if you don't have a good foundation with the basics, and have practiced your basics very well, it becomes harder. This is especially true with coin magic.
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