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    Favorite Card Tricks

    Hey guys I just wanted to know what are THE best card tricks My personal favorites are:

    Columbo Clincher -GREAT SUCKER TRICK
    Two Card Monte
    Ambitious Card

    I think these are the best because I have probably done each trick at least 500 times each to people and VERY time it gets an AMAZING reaction!
    "Don't expect applause, deserve it"

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    A decent pick-up line in and of itself

    I too am a big fan of the Ambitious Card.

    But above all, French Kiss (Wayne Houchin's Art Of Magic) is definitely a favorite. The slight invasion of privacy, the slight personalization of using a signed card, I have never gotten bad reactions, other than one girl who actually got scared and shrieked when she looked at the card in her own mouth. But that can happen with any number of card tricks.

    Also, I must point out that it has been said many times, the performer can make an amazing trick fall flat, and a boring everyday trick rock someone's mental foundations.

    Happy hunting and even happier performing!
    Are you saying, that you built a time machine?

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    I'm not a crazy card guy, but I do some stuff.

    These are all routines I do in the restaurants. They're very commercial and entertaining magic. I provided a brief description and source if you wanted to look them up.

    Whole Warp by Chris Mayhew
    a fantastic version of "card warp" with no folding, and a surprise ending.
    A Clockwork Apple

    Bargain Four by Mike Bornstein
    a four ace production
    Jan, 1993 Apocalypse

    Mystical Countdown by Richard Vollmer
    Do as I Do with two selections, FASDIU
    Feb, 1995 Apocalypse

    Lucky Card, this Deck by Peter Duffie
    A lucky card finds two selections in different ways
    Nov, 1995 Apocalypse

    Millenium Collectors by Paul Gordon
    Collectors FASDIU, extremely fair and easy handling
    Dec, 1997 Apocalypse

    Unfuddled Fuddle Aces by Randy Wakeman
    Simplified handling of Fuddle Aces (original by Jon Racherbaumer)
    Sep, 1988 Apocalypse

    Upstanding Triumph by JC Wagner
    Total in-the-hands FASDIU Triumph with a fantastic "mixed" display
    JC Wagner's lecture DVD

    Oil and Aces by Richard Vollmer
    Oil and Water with an actually surprising and clear ending
    Oct, 1989 Apocalypse

    Decking-Hofzinser Deluxe by Jon Racherbaumer
    Unique solution to the now-classic Hofzinser ace problem
    Mar, 1978 Apocalypse

    Caandy by Chris Mayhew
    Card at any number meets the genius of my buddy Mayhew
    Available from Vanishing Inc

    Can you tell that I'm a fan of Apocalypse? :) All the old stuff is the best stuff!

    Professional Coin Magician
    Studio Director, Alberta Printmakers
    Sociopolitical Fine Art Printmaker

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