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    ~Memories~ (A card routine)

    Here is a card routine I made up. I will just briefly describe the routine, can anyone help me in improving it?
    I wanted to participate the Gold Arcane with this routine... But... I don't have a camera... *SOB SOB*


    "Think a card, any card you want"
    Ask spectator to think of a card.
    "The card you pick later will be the lucky symbol of you"
    "Queen of Hearts"

    Take out a blue deck, and let them choose a card.
    The card is turned face up. It is Queen of Heart.

    "Its the Queen of Heart, or you can her Queen of Love. You had not just picked a lucky card, but a... Sexy Card"
    The card is turned face down and the back of the card changed into red color instead of blue, on the surface written a big word "SEXY" and an arrow pointing to the spectator.

    "Sorry, sorry, I think I did something wrong, please choose another card."
    A card was chosen, it is Ace of Heart.

    The card is signed.

    "Don't let me see it, put it inside anywhere in the deck"
    The card is put inside the deck of cards.
    The deck is shuffled.

    "Er... I think... Never mind, never mind, please hold my wrist for a while, you can see there is nothing on my wrist, right? Hold it tightly!"
    Spectator is called to hold the magician's wrist which has nothing uncommon.

    "Tighter, tighter! Okay, let off your hand."
    Red streams are on the magician's wrist. Miraculously... the red streams became a picture symbolizing "A".

    "You are card is Ace, right? Ace of Heart, which is in my mouth."
    A card is already on the lips of the magician. Which is revealed to be the Ace of Heart.

    "Okay, now I will put it inside the deck. With a snap, it jumped to the top again."
    The card which is put inside the deck jumped to the top.
    "Okay, this time I will bend this Ace of Heart... Okay, I will put it in the middle of the deck, you see the slightly bent card?"
    The other half of deck is put on the top of the bent card. Then with a snap, the bent card jumped up to the top.
    The card is revealed to be the Ace of Heart.

    "Okay, this Ace of Heart is something special, but what about its friends?"
    With a fast speed, Ace of Club popped out of the deck.
    "And there is another Ace in my pocket."
    Both hands shown empty, a card is drawn of the pocket, which is Ace of Diamonds.
    "One last card..."
    Cards were pulled out of the magician's mouth, the last card, which is also stuck on the lips of the magician is the Ace of Spades.

    "Wow, that was cool, lets do something else, I put them in the different places of the deck. And..."
    Four Aces are put in different spaces in the deck. The deck is shuffled.

    "If you think this is not enough..."
    Half of the deck was turn face up. Both Half-of-the-Deck is riffled shuffled.
    "It is very confusing now... right?"
    With a snap, all cards are turned face up except four cards which is face down. They are revealed to be the Aces.

    And one more killer move. Aces of Diamonds, Clubs and Spades seemed normal, but...
    "You still remember which Ace you picked? The Ace of Heart right? But... I think there is something wrong on it."

    The final face down card is revealed. It is Ace of Hearts, but...
    The card is signed with big words "I *Heart* You"

    NOTE: *Heart* is the pips on the Ace of Hearts.

    I called this trick "Memories", it has a lot of matrix and time warping skill.
    Only Normal Decks are used. One deck, no duplicates of cards.
    For the card come out from mouth. My hand is shown empty before that.
    How I do it? I invented a way of hiding the packs of cards.

    Thanks for help out.

    Use a glove when you use a custom deck.

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    WOW nice routine there.
    This only works for girls right?
    “Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.” - Johann

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    This really sounds good, on valentines this would be a hit.
    "If you're not making mistakes, you're not trying hard enough."

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    i think you should get a camera and post the vid. It would be interesting to see it in action, along with the audience response.

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    Well... I just wanted to share with you guys.

    I created this routine about a month ago and it received good responses.

    Normally I will stop after the Quadruple Triumph.

    Well... the "I Love You" card normally signed by me using a Black Tiger's Ace of Hearts with a Sliver Sharpie.

    A video? Er...

    Okay, I will try making one. But... If I made a video, the trick will be revealed.

    Not that I suck, but the trick need a very strong misdirection. With videos, repeated views can easily reveal the secret. Mind I cover the "Secret Moves"?
    Use a glove when you use a custom deck.

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