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    Nick Trost .. Has passed away ..

    Nick Trost, one of card magic's most creative thinkers, died today. Magic lost a lot of its good guys recently.

    If you never heard of his name or never studied his material, his material was released in many book in the past and has major influence on card magic that many today might not be aware of. H&R will be releasing and re-releasing much of his material in form of large books ( so far, Subtle Card Creations vol.1 is out ). The Card Magic of Nick Trost is one of card magic's finest books.

    His card magic is unique for being very easy, yet very clear and concise. An extremely knowledgeable, yet extremely humble card man.

    Sad loss indeed ...
    EDIT: Here is the link to a Genii forum thread, I think the link is important for this thread. Mods feel free to take it out if you feel its unneeded. Thanks.

    ~ Feras
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    That is really sad news. He was a really great card magician and gave a lot to the magic community. My thoughts are with his family.

    RIP Nick

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    That's terrible, Nick had a truly unique approach to creating magic that I'm sure will be missed.

    RIP Nick.

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    God bless him and his. Not a good day for magic, today.
    “What’s the point of that, I wonder? I mean, I get how they did it. I just ain’t seeing the why.”
    ~Malcolm Reynolds

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    Man...that's awful.
    I am going to miss Mr. Trost...
    Peace be with you Nick, you were an inspiration to many.
    "God wouldn't of put that dream in your heart if you couldn't fufill it."-Joel Osteen

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    May he rest in peace. Best wishes to his family.


    An artist makes the difficult look easy and a showman makes the easy look spectacular.

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