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    Shoot Ogawa - Professional Thimbles

    Well, Here is my review on Shoot Ogawa's Professional Thimbles.

    As of the moment the only way to get your paws on this marvellous DVD is to attend one of Shoot Ogawa's lectures. This DVD contains Shoots entire thimble routine, and anyone that has seen it will agree it is AMAZING.

    In one way i'm glad you cant buy this DVD off the site ( but I feel it is such a great routine that it deserves a review.

    If you ever get a chance to visit one of Shoot Ogawa's lectures, I suggest you get this (If you dont agree, wait till you see him perform it haha).

    Anyway, down to business.

    Packaging: 7/10, Although packaging doesn't bother me, some people like to know. It was printed and looked a bit like a bootleg dvd, but the case and DVD were in excellent condition and well looked after.

    Video Quality: 6/10, The DVD comes in both English and Japanese, with the Resolution being good but not spectacular.

    Teaching: 6.5/10, Shoot's English has improved much since the other DVD I got there (Busters 2), but it is sometimes a bit had to follow whilst watching him do the actions, but not too hard.

    Routine and Contents: 8.5/10, This DVD has everything you want to know about his thimble magic routine.

    Among other things it teaches how to make a holder for thimbles (To nake steals easier), Advanced and Basic thimble mechanics and his reasoning behind how he has set out his routine.

    Table of Contents:
    - The Greeting
    - The Techniques
    - The Explanation of Props
    - The Routine
    - The Theory
    - At the End

    Overall: This DVD scored an 8/10 with me. I really enjoyed this video and will practice (Some of the material is VERY hard, Like some of Shoot's other stuff) and will definatley end up using this routine (but I will probably put in a year or so of practice...., as the smoothness that Shoot does it with is a main part of this routine.)

    And just incase people were wondering, an 8/10 is one of the best scores I would give something.

    A 9/10 would be something that had almost THE best teaching and video quality and effect. To get a 10 in my books is something along the line of ressurection.

    Oh and please forgive my bad spelling. I don't pay attention in english enough...
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    A nice review, thanks for sharing your views on this video. If I ever get the chance to go to one of his lectures, I may very well pick this up.

    This video is probably a top 3 pick for learning thimbles. I have talked a lot of people about what to get, and this always seems to pop up.

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    nice review, im mad because he had a lecture near where i live and i couldnt go. hopefully he will have another one sometime.

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