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I've seen both, and they are nothing alike! Not in the slightest... I don't know why people always have to put things against each other like this.
Well, they're both period-based mystery/thrillers revolving around magic. To me, as well as many others apparently, it seems pretty obvious what the two films have in common.

If you can't find enough common denominators to compare and contrast in The Prestige and The Illusionist, try not to take any comparative literature/film courses in college. Somehow I don't think turning in a paper that says "They are nothing alike! Not in the slightest!" will earn you a good mark.

As for the direct question in the initial post of this thread, I liked The Illusionist more. To me it had more depth. I love The Prestige, but the characters and the actors portraying them aren't on the level of what was accomplished in The Illusionist. Edward Norton came across way more believable as an accomplished magician than Christian Bale or Hugh Jackman could ever hope to come close to. Norton just wiped the floor with both of their performances. I also liked how The Illusionist played with the basic principle of magic in the story--always keeping tension on whether or not Eisenheim had real magical powers or not. On top of the characters being more well defined, I also thought the story and the script were much tighter, and more emotionally involving. The unfolding of the plot in The Prestige came across as self-interested at times, whereas in The Illusionist the story being told was much more audience-aware. All-in-all I enjoyed both films a lot, and think both were very well made, but I think there were a few more flaws in The Prestige than in The Illusionist.

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