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    Quote Originally Posted by camow7 View Post
    It sounds like it could be a ram issue. I would try freeing up some hard drive space, defragging etc. I had the same problem with mine and found it ran alot smoother with on a computer with a 1gb of ram but it should ran nicely on 512mb. The other thing that slows it down is the program you're using to record the movie. To find the right program is just trial and error and I can't think of a good one as i abandoned my web cam for the isight in my mac book. They are sweet.
    I would agree 100% - the more RAM you throw at it, the better - max out your system if possible. Another thing that is helpful is making sure you have a video card with plenty of VRAM (Onboard Video RAM) - This helps re-draw the screen on your system and takes less RAM away from the system itself. Another thing to look at is making sure you have plenty of available hard drive space. The more hard drive space you have, the more your system will be able to process incoming video via drive swapping and virtual memory.

    Also, I have found with my PowerBook G4 - if I am too close to my iSight (Web Cam) - the camera doesn't seem to be able to focus well enough - so try sitting back a little way from your camera and see if that helps - it could be just a focusing issue.

    Also, since it sounds like you are running Windows - I suggest turning off as many programs and SERVICES as you can to get as much out of your RAM, Virtual Memory, and Paging Files as possible. When capturing video try limiting yourself to just Windows Movie Maker. Turn off your web browser, turn off your email, turn off your IM (this includes the task bar quick launch icon - this means your messenger is still running, even if you don't see your buddy list). And then check your services - if you have something like Apache or IIS running in the back ground - disable them until your done doing your video work.

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    Well, I have a question...Usually when I'm deciding on a song to use in a video, it ends up being a song I don't own. Unfortunatly, Itunes songs are AAC protected files, and therefore are not compatable with Windows Movie Maker. So...I need a better place to buy songs from. Does anybody have a good place that is similar to iTunes, offers a wide variety of music, a dollar or less per song, and is preferably legal? ;)

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    I have a problem if i tried to make a little clip.
    Im very sorry if this is the wrong place to write, but i didnt find any other place what may be more suited, anyway, if i try to open the clip in WMM then a ERROR comes.
    If i open any other file, exepct my files made with my camera, it works.
    Anybody else can maybe help me out ?

    Sorry, if anybody didn't understand something, because im not good at english.


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